Bloody Justice

Saddam Hussein is no more. The outpour of anger and uproar over the manner in which the trial was conducted and his hasty execution is deafening. Heck, even the little known political parties in India are calling for a strike. Joke, really. Yes, I agree that the American forces didn't surrender Saddam to the international war tribunal. His defense lawyers were killed. The judges were replaced. Even before his death sentence was pronounced, the president of Iraq blurted that Saddam won't live long. It was a farcical trial. No doubt. Though the path is faulty, I reckon the destination to be justified.

Saddam Hussein openly admitted in the national television to signing the death warrants of over 100+ men and boys from Dujail who tried to assassinate him. Though the deliverers of justice and the mode of the entire operation is filled with bias, prejudice and corruption, there shouldn't be any moral dilemma over his end. Until a couple of days back, he was one of the atrocious dictators alive responsible for killing thousands of innocents. Hypothetically speaking, if Japan invaded North Korea against the will of the international community and tried Kim Jong II, I won't be crying. What Japan did would be considered unjust, but the death of the dictator is in essence justice.

Bush invaded a sovereign state under false claims trying to loot it's oil resources. He's a very civilized rogue. An oil businessman who lacks guile. A naive president who doesn't understand the value of a life. A remorseless man who seems to occupy one of the poschest seats in the political world. His foreign policies will make good history lessons of how not to maintain relationships. His misadventure in Iraq is turning out to be worse than the Vietnam episode. The governing Shia force relishes it's chance to fry and saute the Sunnis. The Sunni insurgency isn't complaining.. they have an ever-replenishing supply of ammunition. The American troops had no gameplan before and now with the escalating civil war, they just happen to be the secondary targets of car bombs.

The Pentagon has hinted that it may send more troops to Iraq next year. Increased police force only means effective curfue and surveillance. Quelling a civil war needs much more than that. Bush, in one of the parties looked under the dinner tables and remarked jocularly "they must be somewhere around here.." meaning that the nuclear weapons should be just around the corner and it's only a matter of time before his forces find Saddam's secret laboratories and expose him to the world. That day never came. And Bush still hasn't learned to pronouned 'nuclear'. He still plays golf with his buddies. The Fox network is still not portraying the true picture of Iraq. The country is already out of America's hands. Increased military power in Iraq won't achieve anything significant. There's a joke that's been around for sometime in which Bush entertains the idea of bribing the militia. For someone like Bush, I sometimes wonder if that thought seriously passed his mind.

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