Hindu Photos

Ethics in media is declining/reshaping/becoming questionable and The Hindu is no exception. With it's minority appeasement content, bias towards the DMK and the tabloid last page, the newspaper I fell in love with might soon become a matter of history to me. A couple of comments on a couple of photographs:

Half of the photo is wasted on a cameraman. Why didn't they edit it out? There's a lot of steam between the two players and we don't have a photo that captures the split between them.

In the past few months, Dayanidhi Maran's photo in the newspaper is a constant, the variable being the page number. Though he's done some commendable things since he became a minister, projecting him as a leader of the future through such photos (take a second to look at the picture) is tiresome.


Anonymous said...

don't you know that Dayanidhi Maaran has married a member of The Hindu family ?? It is pretty old news...

King of useless info and junk data

Prasad Venkat said...

I knew that. It's called 'sambadndhi pathirikkai'. Still, this daily advertisement is in bad taste.

sugan said...

Prasad, I actually came across a photo that was repeated three times in the Hindu.