Looking at the Lake

A blankness engulfs the silent morning. I wake up and sit with no thought crossing my mind. I walk out of the tent... I can hear the birds cooing and feel the sun lazily focussing on this side of the third rock. The mind is so receptive, attentive and willing. There is a crispness in the air and I just feel like taking a walk along with her. She joins me and we start walking towards the lake.

There's a big rock in the middle of the lake. The water is still in spite of a few children playing, splashing the water. The splashes actually are a part of the stillness, just as how the noise they create is a part of the silence. After crossing the half-mark, we stop and look at the lake. Absorb the lake. There are others who have joined us in this journey, who are enjoying this serenity in their own sense... cracking jokes, photographing, talking about life and death, etc.

I wonder how many looked at the lake.

Originally posted on CP on August 24, 2006.

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