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Let us just say, in the course of an amicable discussion, you know, like friends talking it out openly, nobody trying to offend anybody, though it takes a lot to offend somebody like you because of your thick skin and maturity and coolness... well, we're talking about our blogs and suddenly it all seems like an empty exhibition of our mundane ponderings, which I know you're going to thoroughly refute as the whole point of the existence of a blog, but still, since I know that your mental clarity is still (still, as in pond water, not the "I'm still not reading your blog") enough to see that the entries don't go anywhere and deep down you've been avoiding the question your conscience has been trying to sneak into the foreground of your thoughts - which is, "are you really going to write something worthwhile?" and you already know that nobody's interested in reviews, trivia, cross-questions, interrogations, introspections, examinations, life, love, neighbour, linux, weekends - and still (not the pond water stillness, but "I'm still reading your blog" kind) you insist on coming up with meaningless ramblings about the pointlessness of blogs in a thoroughly boring single sentence which actually seems quite meaningful in an existential sense, which is really the point, though there isn't actually any.


Sowmya said...

hi prasad..

Amazing to see your blog and its contents.It shows the passion and desire of a social reformer.

In this particular post, you had talked about some one.Who is that "you"? your frd? or anyone who is in that way you mentioned in the post.

Anyway, its nice to see more and more passionate thinkers assembled through blogs.Keep it up..

Prasad Venkat said...

The 'you' isn't directed towards anyone in particular.

Though I dream of reforms, I rarely get into act.

Thanks for your kind words.