A Freudian Slip

My wife recently gave a presentation on the book 'Rise & Fall of the Third Chimpanzee' by Jared Diamond. Diamond would argue that if aliens were to figure out earthly animals' sexual fidelities, they would conclude that humans are mildly polygynous - because an average man is slightly taller and broader than a woman of that society. Though not a very convincing point, he would proceed the discussion as to how the species' mate-loyalty can be deduced by the size of the male versus female in that society.

In a slide that discusses this aspect, my wife typed 'Mindly Polygynous' instead of 'Mildly Polygynous' (which now stands corrected) and a friend promptly asked if it was a Freudian Slip and the whole crowd started giggling at me. Just a thought: when it's a man's fidelity that's discussed in a crowd in a somewhat conservative society, it can be treated as a joke; but I'm quite sure that had it been a woman's fidelity questioned in a similar society, the discussion would have assumed serious proportions. If you want to understand the paranoia associated with a woman's loyalty to her partner, read the book, or at least go through the slides which are fairly indicative.


Anonymous said...

I still don't get the connection between "Mindly" and the Freudian slip. If it implies polygynous thoughts in your mind, then how can it be *her* Freudian slip ?

Or is just that I don't get it ?


Prasad Venkat said...

From a Freudian slip perspective, subconsciously, she thinks, that I'm (or most men are) polygynous; though she hadn't/wouldn't say that on my face, her thought has found an outlet in such a slide.

PS: There is no such word as 'mindly'. Those words could be interpreted as "Men purposefully seek extra-marital affairs".