Facebook Bashing

It's 4 in the morning and second day in a row where I can't fall asleep.  Add stuffy nose and sore throat to that.  And also these Facebook messages (modified):

Person1: It's sooo colddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

I guess people like me who spell properly and use not more than one exlamation at the end of the sentence are now comparable to upperclass tight-ass Englishmen who drink tea, talk about weather and read the business section.  If you haven't noticed, the length of any word can be stretched to emphasize your emphasis on the emphasizable.

Person2: Life is like [add anything you want here]

'Third Rock from the Sun' offered better nuggets of wisdom.  These guys, trying to impress you-know-who, blabber something like 'Like is like a banana peel, only with no real fruit inside'.  Of course, you can make sense out of it you're inclined to assign meanings to any crap.

Comment for a photo: wow, this is a cool pic yaar!!! you look sooooooo cuteee!!!!!

No, it's not that of a child.  It's a close-up of a 31 year-old, slightly out of focus with bad lighting.  Either you don't appreciate the basics of photography or your definition of cuteness is plainly screwed-up.

Status message: X is looking out the window.

Wouldn't this be appropriate: My current status is that I'm writing my status message.  Vetti pasanga.

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Venkatramanan said...

This blog post is sooooooo cuteeeeee! :-)