Pre-Mid Life

I'm planning to buy a car. After a ton of research a desi usually narrows the options down to 'you can't go wrong with this' Honda or a Toyota. It sickens me - not to drive one of those but to conform to a set of rules where value for money precedes comfort, driving pleasure. Not just in the matter of choosing a car but almost every decision in life is calculated to yield maximum value, choose the least risky route thereby optimizing for a mediocre life. Not just financially, but also in terms of experience, the richness of life. Bull shit. For once I want to buy a sports car. I want to drain my savings by taking a week long vacation in Paris staying in a good hotel, enjoying great cuisine, visiting wonderful museums, operas, ballets, smyphonies, tennis matches. I want to go see a cinema on a Wednesday evening. Sometimes I strongly feel like I want to quit my job and become a full-time blogger. Or write a novel. Or become a high school math teacher. Or educate myself in a field like history or anthropology. Clinging onto a monthly pay to take care of the bills is fucking poisonous.


Vidya said...

Easy boss, easy... Would've been nice to see you in person and say, "One day, that day will never come" as someone often says to irritate me at work:-) Btw, sports car is a super idea. Good luck!

Prasad Venkat said...

Call it a man's 'days of the month' - I need to blow my steam off to cool down. Our very strong cultural up-bringing which emphasizes delaying gratification for better results sometimes gets my nerves. I realize that I haven't done anything outrageous, spontaneous, crazy, spur-of-the-moment in the last... I don't know, may be ever. That sucks. May be I can start with a sporty car.

Vidya said...

Go on man! Buy it and freak out! Don't know what the wise bird you have for a wife will have to say:-)) Maybe something equally outrageous!! And nice!!