Regional Affinities

As I grew up and opened up to a variety of experiences I gradually lost my affiliations that made what was me during my formative years. I'm not a fan of Maniratnam, I don't love India, I don't think bisibelebath is the best dish ever conceived and arguably there are better writers than Rushdie. But during the IPL, I found myself supporting the Chennai cricket team, my city, though it's not my city anymore. And now the world cup has commenced and I'm back to my indifference, not caring much for India. And to think that I rooted for a team that not only had non-Chennai players but also non-Indian players and don't feel bothered by a team comprising all Indian players is... not unsettling, just a tad puzzling.


Freehit said...

Agree with you: watching Dhoni and Morkel in different colors (both not yellow) and turning up against each other was odd. And I don't know if it is just the format or club loyalties, but oddly, the WC doesn't seem all that big a deal.

srikanth said...

Hmm.. makes me wonder. I cannot say I love or dont love India. But every once in a while, seeing a picture of rural india, a poor villager, busy streets of chennai, images from childhood in my minds eye set me off on a reverie. And leave me with a lump in my throat.

Varaha said...

Srikanth, I am reminded of what a Mexican colleague said a few years ago..."I gave up everything that I had in the US and went back to Mexico...and not for a moment do I regret"

- Varaha.