Stupid Speakers

I tried resisting posting this very much, after all this would be my third straight entry about movies after I closed ScreenArt. But I have to say it - I've been watching a felicitation ceremony for A.R.Rahman for his Oscars by south Indian cinema musicians. I've seen so far about 20 celebrities praise him - and what a load of crap comes out when they open their mouths. It really can't be that hard, to say something commonsensical, coherent. But no, these stupids are in a freaking competition where they outwit each other for the most boringly idiotic speech. That's everyone from Deva to Ilayaraja.


ohmsdeeps said...

I had never really seen any interesting (or even sensible for that matters) stage functions from the tamil movie industry geeks.It had always been a crap and this is no exception. TR's speeches..ooch!

Freehit said...

That felicitation ceremony was a rant-o-rama. The theme of nearly all speeches that day were: "You just got lucky kid, I'm worth three..." I mean, how hard is it to congratulate him in public and fume in private?

Freehit said...

And, for the record, I'm not an ARR fan .

ohmsdeeps said...

Looking at Deepa's comments.Please ask her if she is getting annoyed by TR's speech, why in this whole wide world that she had to watch 'Veerasaami' thrice in theaters.


Prasad Venkat said...

Most of the speeches were empty praises but I was particularly frustrated by Ilayaraja's comments. He might have been worth more than 3 trophies, but to step up to the microphone and say that awards are meaningless and eulogize two long dead musicians was not only stupid but also inappropriate.

Rahman nicely slapped his uppityness by saying that Carnatic musicians are broadminded in showering praise on their colleagues.

Appreciating TR's artistic achievements runs in your family. Envious.

ohmsdeeps said...

Anyone sane or even otherwise will know that Ohm is bluffing. But if you still need a reason its because Ohm, my husband is a huge TR fan or maybe even Mumtaj..:P and he could have dragged me into the theater.
I think Ohm and I would deal this outside Prasad's blog and leave you guys to comment about the topic.


Prabhu S said...

Though I am ardent fan of IR, I have never liked listening to him speak. His speech never makes sense and has a bit of arrogance written over it..However on ARR's fecilitation , I think he spoke bit wisely..I don't read anything wrong in taking reference to past composers.But, yes, he wasn't straight in his praises for ARR.

I found K.B to be most dissapointing and annoying.Harris Jeyraj was sounded dumb. And M.S.V the most honest!

Prasad Venkat said...

Ilayaraja said that if there were no good musicians the awards would be meaningless. And he went on about how Balamuralikrishna named a ragam after Raja called Rajalahari and composed a keerthanai. And I don't know how two long dead composers who conversed through their music fits into the context of the ceremony. He never praised Rahman, the composer. It's understandable because Ilayaraja can't digest that the boy who played keyboard for him is now the wonderboy of world music.

His speech would have been okay if he were interviewed by Kumudham or Vikatan.