Wired & Slate

Slate, one of the few entertaining and informative online magazines ran a piece on the best way to break your leg. This is after the news item where a Chilean smuggler fractured his tibia, fitted a cast made of cocaine and tried to get past the security. (Of course, he was stopped by the Barcelona airport officials). Though totally useless to most of the readers, I appreciate Slate's editor in getting this article written as an answer to those who go "How in the hell did he break his leg?" and then move on to browse/surf other tidbits without bothering to spend a few moments on that question.

There are so many questions, right after watching the CNN (What are mortgage backed securities? What's currency manipulation? Who is Keynes?) And there are answers on the web if a topic is perceived to be important. But there isn't much material online for questions that linger after watching Jay Leno. Funny & weird news items aren't taken seriously enough by the mainstream media. Slate & Wired are two among the handful of portals that are attentive to such marginalized audience who enjoy short, clear and easy to read articles on current affairs and culture.


Venkatramanan said...

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Prasad Venkat said...

/* slatulu.com irukkiradhu */ - funny.

I think it's also a matter of taste. There was a time when I was link-hopping around the web and didn't find much of anything satisfying my 'requirements'. Though I still jump around, Slate offers a lot that interests me.