I'm an eloquent man, most of the times. When questioned or in need of an explanation I put forth my thoughts quite clearly that the listener doesn't need a rephrasing or a repetition of my response. But with the missus I'm another man. Today morning at 5 there was a barrage of accusations that I don't wake up enough times to put my child to sleep. God knows how many tons of hours of sleep I've sacrificed; alas, there's isn't a god. And today morning as usual I was stuttering, marshaling my argument skills with no effect while the lady shot point by point, instance by instance, quoting date and time leaving me wanting a glass of water. Had it been another person in a different setting, I'd have shot back too, but this time I was merely repeating the same thing again and again which she incorrectly discredited.
And this is not the first time nor am I the only husband. What happens to our skill to logically progress an argument with the wife in tight family corners?


Vidya said...

oh! how i miss hearing the 'missus' account of it in person!!!! nothing surprising about ur not being able to 'logically' progress for the simple reason that there wouldn't have been a logic:-) how i like it!!!

Prasad Venkat said...

In most of the fights emotion trumps logic. And I still fret about logic... Hope you & Vasu are doing good :-)