Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

This is a solid B, the kind I used to watch 20 minutes/day. Once Appa and I finished reading Kumarithuraivi, and before we settle on our next reading project, this movie filled the gap perfectly.

Brad Pitt's on a bullet train to steal a briefcase full of money. There are also a couple of assassins on the train, babysitting the son of a local mafia don. There's a innocent schoolgirl who's neither innocent nor a schoolgirl. And a venomous snake on the loose that probably has a social media following. Their stories intersect in complicated and illogical ways. The movie ends when the train crashes. But all of this is made palatable because Brad Pitt plays the cool dude, a simple criminal trying to put his past behind him, but guns and knives keeps getting in the way.

Here's a throwaway line from the movie, but made memorable because of the performers:

Brad Pitt: How would you like to make an easy $200?

Channing Tatum, after an appropriately curious pause: Is this a sex thing?

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