Mr Inbetween

Mr Inbetween, the excellent Australian low-key drama is about Ray Shoesmith, a hitman for hire. But that's just one dimension of Ray. Yes, we see him shake down people, kill them, bury them, pocket his pay and drive home with the satisfaction of an autoworker who's put together a neat car. But he's also a father, divorcee, boyfriend, friend and a brother. While there are car chases and shootouts, the real drama's at home.

Ray is a very protective father, a caring brother, an emotionally distant son, a reliable friend and a loving boyfriend. The super economic screenplays, at 30-minute-an-episode 3 season run, construct an authentic, relatable human being. The writing is uniformly excellent: when the humor is dark, as is often the case, it's quite dark. But it doesn't stay that way. The most touching scenes establish what a great father and brother he is, almost wanting me to forgive his other minor sins like killing people.

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